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  • What does "free range" mean?"
    Unlike a typical, commercially-raised chicken, "free-range" birds are allowed to come in and out of their coop as they please throughout the day. At Cedar Ridge Egg Farm, we provide our chickens with 30 acres to freely roam from 9 a.m. until dark.
  • Are your eggs pasturized?
    No, our eggs are not pasturized, and we don't recommend eating them raw. However, we run our eggs through an egg washing machine with water heated to 160°F to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Where can I find your eggs?
    In addition to onsite at our farm in Pickton, we sell our eggs in shops throughout the northeast Texas area, including Farm2Cook in Frisco, Jersey Girls Milk Co. in Winnsboro, The Waldo Way Dairy Farm in Mineola, and Rufe Snow Farmer's Market in Ft. Worth. We also sell our eggs at the Dallas Farmer's Market and the Watauga Farmer's Market.
  • What makes your eggs better than your competitors?
    Typically, eggs bought from a grocery store or from large-scale operations are not as nutritious, because the chickens are kept inside or in small cages and only allowed to eat grains. These chickens are not allowed to wander freely outside, preventing them from supplementing their diet with bugs and grass. At Cedar Ridge Egg Farm, our chickens are free to roam outside, weather permitting, throughout the day, creating a healthier, happier chicken and a more nutritious egg that is lower in fatty acids. Unlike our competitors, we are a small family farm, which means we can dedicate more time and energy to our chickens, ensuring they live a happy and healthy life.
  • What do you feed your chickens?
    Our birds are fed a specially mixed, wholesome feed to supplement their daily foraging for grass and bugs.
  • What breed of chicken do you raise?
    We raise a combination of Lomann, Bovan, and Hi-Line brown hens.
  • How many eggs does a hen lay per day?
    Hens typically lay one egg per day, or once every 24-26 hours. This frequency can decrease as the hens age, however.
  • I have a large or custom order. How do I contact you?
    For large or specialty orders, or for details about our wholesale pricing, please contact us by phone (903-440-0607) or email (
Brown Eggs
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