At Cedar Ridge Egg Farm we raise a combination of Lomann, Bovan, and Hi-Line brown hens that are free to roam outdoors during the day and safely secured at night to protect them from predators. 


We feed our chickens a nutritious feed mixture to supplement their outdoor foraging, ensuring our fresh brown eggs are both nutritious and delicious.


We sell our eggs both to individuals and wholesale throughout the northeast Texas area. For more details about our operations or for questions about our wholesale pricing, please contact us.



Our family farm was started on 2nd-generation land in Pickton, Texas. Owned by a veteran and operated by three generations of his family, our goal has always been to provide a nutritious and environmentally friendly product for the entire northeast Texas region.


Back in 2001, we began operations as a breeder farm and produced eggs for hatcheries, engaging contracts with large integrators, including Vital Farms.


In 2020, we transitioned to a pasture-raised poultry farm, selling fresh brown eggs and other farming supplies, like seasonal fertilizer, nesting boxes, and watering systems.